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Our skilled team of developers have in-depth understanding of Frameworks and Mobile Technologies, delivering time bound and cost-effective Quality Application.

  • Mobile Apps Development solution suits to all verticals such as i.e. B2B, B2C, Fashion, Financial, Real Estate Company, Enterprise, & Education etc.

  • We strongly focus upon eye-catching GUI design, usage of best programming practices.

  • We create exceptional campaigns to plan & launch your mobile application to reach your Target Audience.

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Our portfolio mirrors our capabilities and diverse experience in serving clients across industry-wide domains.

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View Case Study is a Kenya’s Top real estate portal which provide complete real estate services i.e. sell, rent and buy to the customers in Kenya. This Web and Mobile application include more powerful tools than traditional real estate portal:

  • Agent finder with various filters

  • Advertise as Pro

  • Powerful reviews system for pro, company and agents

  • Find Financial Lenders

  • Agents, Company, Buyers, Pros and Lenders can register & subscribe.

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