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Social Media Optimization

Multiplying Revenue through Implementation of Unique SEO and SMO Techniques

For your assistance in Social Media Campaign, TechPasture has developed many effective techniques to ensure that your name and product reach the masses


Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the process of using the existing and established social networks to publicize the brand or services or to create awareness of any product among the customers and general audience. SMO is very closely related to SEO but focuses on attaining traffic from sources other than search engine. It is basically a part of ORM (online reputation management) or SERM (search engine reputation management).


We follow the social trends and incorporate the technique of viral marketing such that your presence is felt on the social networks with number of links that direct to your website thus increasing the traffic of customers. We build references to your bookmarked page and spread it to various communities and networks. The social bookmarking technique not only increases the traffic but also improves the site’s ranking on any search engine. We also allow the bookmarks to provide web feed of any current web documents and newly shared bookmarks so that the content continues to flow from network to network. We get you included in active forums which are either relevant to your product and services or target your user audience. We also get you active in blogosphere through RSS feed. We actually establish you over almost all the networks including Facebook, Google+, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, MyBlogLog, Digg, Flickr, Jaiku, Technorati etc. We also help you with online press release writing and sharing so that you create the desired attention and attract customers.


At TechPasture our experts undertake these basic strategies –

  • Increase your linkability on social networks and communities
  • Set your content in flow
  • Enable easy tagging and bookmarking
  • Encourage mashup (web application hybrid)


In fact, Social Media Optimization helps much more than just building and maintaining product’s value and awareness. It has turned into a tool of strategic business development. It allows you develop your products and services, engage in human resources recruitment and helps you to maintain and enhance business to consumer (B2C) relationship.