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TechPasture has the expertise to deliver cost effective and professional web design and internet services that give in optimum quality results.

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Why TechPasture?

We excel with our Core Experience, Confidence and Knowledge

Why TechPasture? People do ask me this question several times in the past 6 years. So the answer could be we are the best, we are cost effective, we are available 24X7, we are technologically advance etc. but what is my ‘own vision’ behind setting up a company, because that will really help you in choosing us as your service provider without any sort of delay. Being from a technical background I could have easily got a lucrative job in any organization in India or abroad. Then why I preferred initiating a company when there are already thousands of other companies facing cut throat competition all over the world in web development, online media and marketing sector.


The answer is not that simple. Rightly said by Albert Einstein “Try not to become a man of success, rather become a man of value” similarly the core of TechPasture is its value for work, clients and time which makes it most enterprising organization in the market.


The word ‘Tech’ in the beginning of the name ‘TechPasture’ was intentionally taken to signify ‘Technological’ nature that we are continuously endeavouring hard to adhere to it.


Rest all other alphabets in “PASTURE” literally signifies  a field, in a way technology is our work field, but here we used this specific word especially every alphabet of it defining various traits of ours that will help you in choosing us right work-partner for your various projects.


‘P’ - Pool of knowledge through highly experienced and specialized staff working 24X7 in transforming the ideas into reality.


‘A’ - Adaptability or continuous upgrading of knowledge base in newest development technologies helps us to be at the forefront of our trade. 


‘S’ - Scalability is our unique trait apart from our core team of employees we have readily available pool of highly professional people which can be made part of any project whenever required. In a way we can inflate and shrink our operations within no time. 


‘T’ - Timely deliveries of projects help the client to hit the market at the right time to get maximum success in the venture.


‘U’ - Universal or worldwide satisfied clientele that defines our strength in sustaining the highly competitive market scenario in the field of software and web development work


‘R’ - Resourcefulness or inventiveness in projects that we undertake be it any sort of Web Application, Mobile Application, Website Design, E-Commerce Solutions (B2B & B2C) and Internet Marketing Solutions etc.


‘E’ - Ergonomic approach by delivering maximum efficiency within the minimal or limited budget prescribed by the client


In the end I just want to share an important aspect, when it comes to a rocket, the outer colour of the rocket cannot define the height or speed that specific rocket will achieve, like colouring it black or red cannot ensure its success but the thing which is inside it, can definitely define it. Similarly when it comes of web development company, its flashy profiles, posh offices or extra sweetened business proposals cannot guarantee an excellent product outcome but the fact of the matter is - Core Experience, Confidence and Knowledge of the team working on your project defines its success, we at TechPasture assure you all three while handling your dream project.


Should you require any further assistance or information regarding our company, projects or technologies that we have worked upon in the past, please feel free to get in touch with is via ‘contact us’ link or ‘get a quote’ section.


CEO, TechPasture