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TechPasture has the expertise to deliver cost effective and professional web design and internet services that give in optimum quality results.

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Website Design


Generally a ‘design of a website’ or webpage is considered only as a creative edge to an entire web development process, but at TechPasture we understand the technical viability of a design layout. Our aim remains not only to make an attractive and user friendly design but also we consider the backend or programming implementation on the same. In a way it saves a lot of time in the later stages of project when the design is likely to get clash with the technological part. For achieving such brilliance TechPasture SoftPrise LLP has a core creative team which has enormous expertise and insight of creative as well as technical aspect of the project from the day it gets started. 



At TechPasture we promote Web 2.0 compatible designs in other words it is a parameter which defines latest in the web designing field. Web 2.0 development includes extensive use of Ajax and JavaScript which transform a boring and non user-friendly page to a ‘visitor’s delight’.  Interactivity is the primary feature of such designing process apart from it enhanced user experience, observance to some basic coding standards (for fast uploading etc.) and making the website design in such a way that it eases the further build up or value addition scenarios. Making Language and Font Size Convertibility options that facilitate a user to alter the web page as per his/her own preferences are also one of the important examples of user-end interactivity.


Our large clientele explains in itself that with our continuous client oriented and value determined approach we have managed to enter into a totally separate league of web development companies. We have not only maintained TechPasture reputation in the international market with our ‘eye catching’ website designs but also have been able to reassure constructive returns over client’s venture. If given a chance we sincerely wish to make your organization / website an integral part of our portfolio, you may get in touch with us through ‘contact us’ or ‘get a quote’ link without any delay. We would be happy to serve you with our expertise.