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Social Media Campaign

Reaching Out to Public on Online Social Networks: Spreading Agenda Awareness among Voters Managing Social Media Campaigns Asserting Maximum Coverage on Online Media


In the recent election, it has been seen that now the mode of campaigning has been shifting to online media as well. Also it wouldn’t be wrong by saying that in the coming years a major decisive factor in election results would be the visibility of the candidate or political party on various social networking platforms. In India, though this mode of campaigning is bit newer in comparison to other developed countries like US or European countries but with more and more people’s accessibility to internet and importantly the cheaper mobile sets with internet features. The masses of every age group in India is now well connected to online media, and nowadays terms like Face book, Twitter or LinkedIn aren’t alien terms for most people living even in villages or small towns of India.


We have different strategies for different set of clients i.e. For New Political Party and For Already Established Political Party. Broadly there are two types of users or visitors who access social media networking website, one being occasional followers or people who like a post or comment in general (a large set of internet users fall in this category) and the other ones are social advocates or opinion makers, these are very selective users who plays a role of an promoter or advocating your party’s agendas. Such users or people need to be recognized by intensive research and they can play a vital role in spreading the cause or agendas your political party stands for and help to enhance the overall fan base. They can be motivated by giving them exclusive news or information, promotional material or rewards, personal invitations to a political events or rallies etc. Overall the social media campaign should be designed keeping in mind both set of users and moreover it should attract all in order to achieve maximum results in limited time frame.    


We at TechPasture Softprise LLP work on the social media campaign on three main paradigms i.e. creating awareness which involves developing an advertising campaign/strategy to attract maximum users on a specific social media platforms further these advertisements could be agenda or issue based targeting both genders and all age groups as a whole or separately. Secondly we emphasis on building reach to the users which involves lot of content uploading via post or links, should be conclusive and timing of uploading is the main essence of yielding maximum positive response from the prospective voters or fan following. The last but not the least engaging the user could be through comments, feedbacks, response messages etc. also it helps to monitor the overall social media campaign success and direction. All these engagement efforts have automatic ripple effect or it is like nuclear fission where one post is further concluded into several other related posts and analysis attracting large groups of users.


We provide end to end services for social media campaigning like for example on Facebook starting from the page setup to cover photos (frequently changes depicting vision or face of the campaign) to target audience identification to transforming them to fans or followers to writing campaign centric content and image edit/uploading. We are specialized in developing various Apps on Facebook or otherwise like member registration or region wise member database or key party member biographies etc. then there are other activities like setting up events, contest, and conducting polls etc. on Facebook. On Twitter we provide services like setting up the account, background design, regular content updating and enhancing the follower base etc. same goes with other networking sites including Google+ or LinkedIn etc. on YouTube we provide solutions like setting up a YouTube Channel for your party or election campaign, uploading videos, promoting videos and enhancing the video views etc. No matter if you are a regional party or a national political party, whether you are new to social media or already using it for promoting your vision or campaign issues but not getting desired results, we at TechPasture Softprise LLP are fully committed to take your Social Media Campaign to new levels altogether.