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TechPasture has the expertise to deliver cost effective and professional web design and internet services that give in optimum quality results.

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Our quality assurance team believes in adhering to all best practices prevailing in the industry and updates itself with the latest techniques to make the final product as robust as possible

Rightly said by Aristotle ‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit’. At TechPasture we believe in delivering the project with highest assurance of quality, all our projects should adhere to the global standards of quality in all possible aspects. When it comes to software or online web development work the word ‘quality’ has a very broaden criterion including the multifaceted paradigm of programming and project management. In a way the quality assurance activities has to be undertaken right from the initial planning stage to the finalization of product or going live stage covering the entire workflow. TechPasture’s quality assurance team believes in adhering to all best practises prevailing in the industry and updates itself with the latest techniques or procedures to make the final product as robust as possible. Entire production cycle monitoring enabling the quality verification and applicable validations results in thorough quality compliance. Some of the prominent quality assurances exercises that we undertake are reviewing the base documents and codes, flaw or error tracking, procedure monitoring, risk management and concurrent development process in sync with the QA standards.        


There is a dedicated team of quality professionals which are associated with the project right from the induction and remains with the project till it get live moreover it starts working smoothly for the client. This Quality Assurance team is an independent entity or department in TechPasture so that there aren’t any chances of compromise with the end product in terms of quality standards or compliance. When the project comes into our company apart from the regular design and programming department the same details or requirements are shared with the Quality Assurance Department so that they can also plan specific test or strategies for the set compliance standards. The Quality testing is conducted module or work milestone wise and in the end final phase of elaborated testing before going live or delivering the final project to the client. The detailed reports of the same are prepared to work upon and shared with the concerned department till the time they rectify all the points mentioned in it. Some of the popular testing methodologies undertaken are Functional Testing, GUI Testing, Accessibility Testing, Compatibility Testing, Performance Testing, Installation Testing and Security Testing. The basic aim of our efforts in the quality testing remains the satisfaction of the client and smooth working or functionality of the utility made by us from all aspects.