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Public Relation Website Design And Development

Maximum Online Visibility & Visitor Engagement Ensures Long-Term Election Campaign Impact. Highly User Friendly Website Design Development especially for Political Parties

TechPasture Softprise LLP is specialized in all sorts of technology projects since last more than 7 years, we have been delivering high-end projects on state of the art Web Application, Mobile Application, Website Design, E-Commerce Solutions (B2B & B2C) and Internet Marketing Solutions etc. but when it comes to website design & development for political party or prominent party’s member we take special care of the fact that it is one such project where there is maximum interaction and information sharing with the visitors. Moreover the success of any such website project depends upon maximum online visibility and visitor engagement at every level. Further these websites could be the Political Party’s official or main website or website(s) dedicated to key members of the party or even a special website can be made dedicated to specific election campaign or region or issue based websites. Although there are list of aspects that we consider while building such a specialized website for any political party i.e.


  1. Special Stress is given to the Homepage of the website, apart from friendly colour scheme and image selections or placements, we consider aspects like placement  of ‘Contact Us’ should be prominent and should be visible in first glance itself. Apart from it there should be text resizing and language translation buttons which are highly useful for party’s targeting local or regional audience. The last but not the least the Homepage should have all the other prominent links placed in order and it should be well connected to other pages and inter navigation should be direct and easy. 
  2. The Navigational Aspect of the Website, all the prominent links should be well placed like about party’s policies, why to vote us, about key party members, news feed regarding latest happenings or events of party, donate us link and how to join us links etc. any misbalance in aesthetics could lead to visitors skipping that specific page or loss of political campaign as a whole.
  3. Some other important aspects while designing and developing website for the political party include the quality of content, either it is given by you or in case we write it then we stress upon appealing aspect of content foremost. There should be facility for the visitors or users to add comments, reviews or articles depending upon the main theme of the website and all should be well coordinated from backend or admin panel of the site. Some other important features should be forms validations or error messages should be easy to apprehend and site’s inner search functionality etc.