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Photo And Video Coverage for Rallies And Events

Images better impact than words, Perfect Images Certify Enormous Visibility in Public or Voters Excellent Photo & Video Coverage for Rallies and Events of Political Parties

TechPasture Softprise LLP is highly expertise in covering political rallies and events via photos and videos, as in this form of photography or video capturing is totally different from other forms as you have to capture the vibrant high volume crowds and some of the most spectacular moments of the function or the ongoing road show. When the crowd is excited seeing their favourite leader on the stage there comes lot of action in the crowd by wavering flags, banners, posters and some of the people jumping, dancing and cheering for their leader so it becomes really imperative to use right length of lens and location form where to capture the crowd so that the picture doesn’t get blurred and we get crystal sharp images or video of cheering crowd in the political rally or event. We have a special team of professional photographers who have experience in covering various events and rallies with large number of crowds further we have team of professionals who does the post production and editing work to make these images and videos compatible to every platforms and select the best out of many for further promotional work.


The experience of our photographers covering these political rallies and events that they know when to capture or what are the best moments that can be further utilized in other promotional campaign. Although in certain political rallies or events there is limited mobility or movement is available for the camera person due to heavy crowds but out camera person knows what exactly to shot and when is the real action. This comes by experience only, after covering numerous such events the photographer or camera person becomes intuitive he automatically captures the best moments of the day. This format is equally applicable for shooting personal profile of any prominent leader or main party members etc. Further these videos and photos are treated for various usages like    


For Official Website – Website require some of the best shot photos and videos, as it is the online face of the party hence substandard work cannot be uploaded. It has to be just perfect on the other hand for quick uploading we require to lighten the overall file sizes of photos and videos. 


For Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc.) – Though we can upload as much photos or videos on these platforms but selection of photos should be done in order to make maximum positive impact on the viewer.


For WhatsApp and other instant messaging services – A number of impactful photos and video clips should be treated in the imaging software to make them as light as possible (file size wise) so that they can be distributed at a faster rate.


For Print Media or Press releases or Promotional campaign (posters, banners, pamphlets etc.) – The image size should be as large as possible to avoid pixel distortion. Photos with maximum megapixel are ideal for these mediums.  


For Promo Video – A series of video clippings should be treated on advance video editing software to give equal brightness, contrast and colour balance in order to achieve uniformity throughout the promo video.