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Payment Gateway Solutions

Flexible and Scalable Payment Gateway Solutions for Your Business

The success of an online store business is often determined by the right payment gateway solution you chose. Customers demand for a simple, quick, secure and flexible payment alternatives. If payments on your online store are not optimally set up, you could lose a lot of orders through sales drop offs by unsatisfied customers or end up spending a lot of money on transaction fees and costs. Figuring out the payments end of your online store is the key to the long term success of your online business.

At TechPasture, we provide a real solution which will guide you through all the process and will deliver great results. Our entire focus is on delivering reliable and secure payment solutions to help businesses succeed. The variety of payment alternatives and the responsiveness of customer support will make a difference to your business. We leverage our global payment experience to set new standards in the gateway processing space.


Payment Gateway Solutions for Value Services:

TechPasture handles everything - from the initial contact with the client to analysing and designing the solution that fits best each of our clients. Our broad-range of services includes credit card, purchase card, debit, and electronic check payments to both business-to-business and business-to-consumer platforms, as well as multi-currency processing.

Our major payment gateway solutions include but not limited to:


  • Domestic and multi-currency payment processing: It helps the international customers feel at home by offering them to pay at their own currency. It not only reduces the cost of foreign card processing, it also maximizes the global sales potential with minimal effort.
  • Fraud & Security Services: Security and data protection is our first priority. Our Fraud and Security services are compliant with all major card associations' rules and regulations.All data stored on our systems are encrypted and all communication to or from are encrypted using SSL or Triple DES.
  • Clearing & settlement: Our proprietary Merchant Accounting System offers robust clearing and settlement services with an inherently flexible, portable and scalable architecture.
  • Fully customized payment page: The payment page is structured according to the modular principle and, with its basic license allows you to instantly offer a large combination of various payment means.
  • Reporting: The Gateway provides a comprehensive reporting system that monitors payment flow and analytics, and enables ongoing conversion improvement.

TechPasture is in short a gate to the world of payments, with numerous payment options and plans with standard security compliance.We provide solutions that deliver value to your business.We take care of payment processing needs from A to Z from everyone and everywhere.

If you areplanning to enhance your customer service and attract more valued international customers, feel free to contact us and start taking advantage of benefits from TechPasture  today!