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Party Members Online PR [For Individuals]

Taking Political Public Relations to Online Medium: Complete Online PR Campaign Programme Reputation and Relationship Management Enhancing Social Capital


Today in India, with the introduction of new technologies at cheaper rates, the mediums like computers, tablets and mobile phones are becoming more and more accessible to people. This has gradually transformed a scenario where advance technology is playing a vital role in the political scenarios especially increasing the fan followings multiple times which further transform in votes during elections. In some recent elections we have seen that online profiling of party and key members have played a crucial role in the election campaigns further delivering the expected returns in the form favourable heavy voting patterns. At TechPasture Softprise LLP we are specialized in building Party Members Online PR (For Individuals), our creative and technical staff work in several shifts to manage the profile of the candidate or key party member among various platforms attracting maximum followers or visitors. We have this state of the art innovative promotion strategy which works in all these paradigm i.e.


PR campaign should be appealing to voters – whether your party inactive in one state or constituency or is a nation-wide political party. The issues or vision of the party member should be shared on public platforms or social media website, emphasizing upon the real-time issues especially the local issues of the specific constituency or nationwide perspective accordingly.


PR campaign should be long term but must become much more impactful before elections – The Party Members Online PR campaign should be done on various social media platforms continuously for some months before the elections but just before the election the last one month is very crucial the efforts should be enhanced.      


Pro Party Activism should be promoted – There are two broad categories of audiences, one who sees the post and may like and share it but on the other hand there are people who personally relate with the party member, his or her vision and thoughts. These are such people who promote the post or status update on social media websites these individuals are kind of fans of the party member who advocates or write favourable contents and comments upon every new event or work of the party.


Critical approaches to other parties and competitors – It becomes every essential to know what other party is doing and let the people know how better your approach is toward certain issues or agendas. Although most marketing analyst may sideline this form of PR but it is essential under certain parameters that we should be prepared with optimum levels of offences and defences to create wonder upon social media which further get reflected in number of votes.