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Hire Web Developer

higher productivity at very affordable cost

For the small and medium sized firms, software developers, non-specialization technology project, occasional projects or hobby web ventures, wherever there is a budget or space constraints to hire a full time employee in your country then there is a simple solution with us i.e. TechPasture - ‘Hire a Developer’ programme where you can hire a programmer having specialization in PHP and platforms, offshore here in India and can get equal or much higher productivity at a very cost effective hourly rates. We have such services for almost all segments or sector companies whether marketing agencies, web development companies or person who requires a technology team to develop its web project or venture. We in TechPasture ensure that your satisfaction as a client should always be prioritized at all levels of work or project. The programmer or developer is available at a cost effective hourly rates of $ 12 per hour. In this work pattern the developer works at our premises using our hardware and software support or framework. Not only this but we will administrate his work progress and send you the update report of the same on the daily basis.


For developer working offshore with us there are lot of advantages which in a way reflects to the project itself i.e. there is a pool of predefined codes and scripts with us that developers has access to which he can incorporate wherever applicable, he gets a friendly or helpful environment where he can discuss with other peer or senior programmers to take the best programming approach. Similarly there are lot of advantages when you undertake Hire Web Developer services of TechPasture -         

  • No complex contracts or agreements, we understand your requirement hence instructing us to stop the work and restarting at any point is comparatively easier.
  • Flexibility of approach i.e. the team size working on project can be enhanced or reduced quickly without any hassle.
  • Immediate replacement can be done of the developer in case he is not performing as per your satisfaction or unable to work due to any reason.
  • All codes or script which the programmer develops during this contract solely belongs to you or your organization.
  • We have pool of talents that can be hired for almost every function or stage or method of a web project, whether it is designing, HTML, JavaScript, programming platforms like PHP or and SEO etc.