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CodeIgniter Application Development

A Faster and Effective Application Development with CodeIgniter

TechPasture develops rich web applications with the help of the CodeIgniter development system. We create extremely creative and effective websites for individual professionals as well as for companies which will help to gain more vibrant web presence through a brilliant website.

CodeIgniter is one of the most favourite web applications for web developers, because it allows them to create robust websites with amazing PHP solutions in a cost-effective manner. Our developers deploy various advantages that come with a range of CodeIgniter features which makes it a smart framework to use. Some of the main advantages include:

  • Light Weight
  • Small footprint with exceptional performance
  • Uses Model-View-Controller approach that allows separation between logic and presentation
  • Generates search engine friendly clean URLs
  • Easily extensible
  • Runs on both PHP 4 (4.3.2+) and 5
  • Support for most major databases including MySQL (4.1+), MySQLi, MS SQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQLite,and ODBC.
  • Data validation
  • Does Not Require a Template Engine
  • Application security is a focus
  • Easy caching operations
  • Many libraries and helpers to help you with complex operations such as email, image manipulation,
  • form validation, file uploading, sessions, multilingual apps and creating APIs for your app
  • Most libraries are only loaded when needed which cuts back on resources needed
  • Clear and systematic documentation


In short, our web applications built with CodeIgniter PHP Framework provide exceptional performance, compatible with any standard hosting services along with various versions of PHP and with any template language, almost nil configuration hassles, does not ask you to follow rigid coding rules and crystal-clear user guide and documentation; then you are referring to the CodeIgniter PHP Framework.


CodeIgniter Development at TechPasture

TechPasture is the best professional and technically powerful ground for CodeIgniter Development to meet the expectations of global clients. The company is proficient in PHP programming and development and created a wide range of PHP based projects by using various supportive frameworks and other technologies. We have an experienced team that can deliver the best of CodeIgniter programming to you. We can provide error-free and appropriate implementation of CodeIgniter in the web application development using the up-to-date versions and configurations.

Our CodeIgniter development offerings are but not limited to:

  • CodeIgniter Integration
  • CodeIgniter Customization
  • Configure elements of CodeIgniter
  • Custom Solutions using the CodeIgniter Framework
  • CodeIgniter Implementation
  • Applications Development using CodeIgniter
  • Ready to customize Admin Interface
  • User Management with Role-Based Access Control
  • Fully Modular codebase built around MVC
  • Database backup, migration, and maintenance
  • UI-based module builder and more…


At TechPasture CodeIgniter development team builds custom websites and applications that help you to effectively highlight your business requirements.Our services in this field are highly affordable. We offer our tailor made web development services for individual professionals as well as for companies who want to gain more vibrant web presence through a brilliant website. Our goal is to broaden our horizons and enable customer success through effective and efficient way served by latest technologies while the customers carry out expansion plans for their growing business.


So, if you are looking to have a team of dedicated developers for high quality CodeIgniter applications, get in touch and we will get it done.