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API Integrations

We can design and implement multiple APIs for various web platforms or website genres

At TechPasture, we specialize into the integration of various APIs (Application Programming Interface) we can design and implement multiple APIs for various web platforms or website genres. Basically API is an interface or utility containing predefined functions or commands which facilitate the communication and data exchange between various websites. These are very much popular now days because of the high usability demands by the visitor or user on the website. For example if your site requires a detailed map so either you have to design or develop a custom map utility or simply you may plug in Google Map API or some other similar API which will definitely save lot of time and efforts. There are lot of free and paid APIs that one can opt for a set of function, we TechPasture as a programming company integrate that specific API into the existing design or design your site and develop accordingly if you require more number of APIs to be installed.        


As a research these APIs or third party software applications definitely makes your page or website more engaging for the visitor or user.  In some cases these extra functionalities can be integrated to the web ventures for overall increased efficiency. Some of the Geo-location or Map Application Programming Interfaces are Google Maps API, Google Earth API, AOL MapQuest and Bing Maps API etc. Payment Gateways Application Programming Interfaces are PayPal API, Google Checkout API, Money Bookers API and 2Checkout API etc. Online Shopping Application Programming Interfaces are eBay API, Amazon Web Services and Yahoo Shopping API etc. For News there is New York Times Article Search, Digg, Reuters Spotlight API and News Knowledge API etc. Social Networking Communities Application Programming Interfaces are Facebook API, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Tumblr etc. Advertisement Platforms Application Programming Interfaces are Google AdWords and Google AdSense etc. and for Video Services there are YouTube API and Vimeo etc.


Why choosing TechPasture for API integration work?

  • Quick and fast response to every query submitted on our website or otherwise.
  • Minimum overall API integration time frame.
  • Multiple APIs integration work undertaken to enhance overall website’s efficiency.
  • One window solution for all kinds of designing, development, API integration, hosting, SEO and website maintenance etc.
  • Consultative approach for choosing the right set of APIs in order to avoid extra cost, confusion, diversion or mismatch of page aesthetics for the visitors.