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Agile Methodology

A Vibrant Amalgam of User- Friendly Web Solution with Agile Methodology of Development

We at TechPasture follow state of the art end to end automated process known as Agile Project Management Methodologies. Agile methodology is a substitution to the age old project management techniques especially in the field of information technology or software or application development. Today very few companies of our genre have sophisticated to implement this methodology as an integrated part of total project delivery system. Agile Project Management Methodologies facilitate different core members of the team to take action to changeability through incremental, repetitive project work, known as sprints. Agile Project Management Methodologies is the most unconventional approach unlike ‘waterfall’, or other traditional sequential development methodology.


In other development methodologies like in ‘waterfall methodology’ the development panel or group has only single chance to put every phase of the project rightly. On the other hand in an agile platform, every minutest details or phase of project progress i.e. basic framework, technological requirements, design, etc. are frequently reassessed throughout its development cycle. This creates an undoubted advantage that if the team feels that project is going with certain open ends or losing its planned direction so it can be rectified without any fail at that very stage only and then move further in right direction.


It is the result of this ‘inspect and adapt’ approach that today TechPasture can boast some very large scale and highly technical projects which the clients awarded us after so many failure attempts by other development companies. All our projects are not only the proof of our in-depth knowledge but in a way they have become our identity i.e. proven legacy of project management methodology that we incorporated which is one of the main reason behind our every success. We strongly believe that a project can achieve its successful completion if and only if it gets ‘a right start’ which we at TechPasture ensure to the fullest.